David Patterson - Master Piano Technician

PianoDisc Installation

Bring your piano to life! As a PianoDisc representative since 1992, I can relay that even the piano purists give full credit to this incredible retrofit enhancement that can be installed on any piano. In addition to leaving the “piano” aspects completely unchanged, the potential benefits of adding PianoDisc continue to challenge the imagination.

Sophisticated electronics and components delicately “play” your piano, as opposed to the analog-style players that hammered away from the 1890’s, and even up into the 1970’s and 80’s. 

 All of this is included free with your basic installation:

• Enjoy piano concertos with symphony accompaniment or favorite jazz soloists with their ensembles backing them up. 
• Watch popular performances on the system monitor as your piano plays the piece .
• Insert PianoDisc CDs and press play.
• Download PianoDisc music in minutes from the Internet to your piano, computer, MP3 player, USB, SD card, iPod or iPad to play your piano from any of these devices. 
• Customize the performances by remote control with tempo, volume and balance adjustments.
• Tune in to a 24-hour PianoDisc “radio” station to enjoy live streaming music.

PianoDisc can allow you to record any piece of music at any time, and play it back when you wish. Mute the piano and use the keyboard as a MIDI activator, or play quietly with headphones. Use your piano keyboard to generate all of the standard synthetic sounds. Hook up your piano to your home sound system. Mike your piano and have it played back throughout your home with or without accompaniment. Listen to and watch famous contemporary artists sing their hit songs while they play your piano.

Of course, amongst all this fancy mind-boggling technology, the headline still remains: if your piano is quiet and you have always wanted to hear it played, this system will provide you with that beautiful acoustic piano music you have been longing for. PianoDisc glorifies the acoustic piano!