David Patterson - Master Piano Technician

Complete Piano Specialist

After many years of providing to the Greater Toronto Area a full service organization, I became accustomed to offering clients what they want and need. All options become available through low-key choices, backed up by our thorough Invoice & Assessment Checklist form. Your piano deserves to be at its full potential, and so do you!

  • Piano Regulation

    Detailed piano regulation is the bedrock of high performance tone quality. This action setup is the primary test signalling quality work in a rebuilt piano. Touch, repetition, evenness, responsiveness, feel, heaviness, lightness, quickness…are the essence of piano regulating. Every piano … Read More

  • Piano Voicing

    Piano voicing, alongside piano tuning and piano regulation, completes the set of actions that produce a high performance piano situation if performed well. As a final step in any major work, this is the high-end rebuilder’s most critical skill. Also … Read More

  • Piano Refinishing

    Your rebuilt piano is an object of beauty. Although there are many aspects to this beauty, the centrepiece that can take someone’s breath away is the exquisitely refinished cabinet. Read More

  • Overhaul/ Reconditioning

    When parts begin to wear out, both feel and sound suffer. Piano reconditioning procedures can bring back the mechanics close to the manufacturer’s specifications with the use of original components. A rebuilder’s set of skills is utilized to the fullest during … Read More

  • Piano Moving

    Confidence in your rebuilding work is increased when piano movers that are obvious professionals arrive for pickup to perform this complicated task. You want your grand piano safe, with detailed disassembly, careful packing and thorough wrapping of the case and … Read More

  • Climate Control Systems

    The whole set of piano strings tighten up in the summer when wood that controls the tuning swells with higher relative humidity. Then, they loosen in the winter when the soundboard wood shrinks. Meanwhile, individual notes are varying in comparison … Read More

  • Assessments / Appraisals

    Prior to rebuilding your piano, you will require a thorough examination of its structural, mechanical, and acoustic properties. In a newer instrument, the need for regulation or voicing may need to be addressed. Reconditioning or overhaul work may be indicated … Read More

  • Maintenance Packages

    A trusted measure of piano quality is to ask: how many days out of every 365 is your piano sounding fantastic and closely in-tune? A piano maintenance plan services your piano in an orderly manner by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. … Read More