David Patterson - Master Piano Technician


  • Piano Rebuilding

    Can there possibly be any other consumer decision that deals with the blending of art and science in such equal proportions? With so many changes being made at one time due to complete disassembly and re-assembly, who will keep track of the essence of the piano you love and watch over the transition from old to new? Read More

  • Piano Tuning

    To be good at tuning pianos, a person needs to always remain slightly dissatisfied with the result. For once a technician reaches 10,000 pianos or so, one quality tuning result is much like another. Who is able to detect the nuances of quality difference when this higher-end branch of the piano service industry is being examined? Read More

  • PianoDisc Installation

    As a PianoDisc representative, I can relay that piano purists no longer look down at this incredible retrofit enhancement that can be installed on any piano. In addition to leaving the “piano” aspects completely unchanged, the benefits possible by adding PianoDisc has challenged the imagination more and more over time. Read More

  • Complete Piano Specialist

    After many years of providing to the Greater Toronto Area a full service organization, I became accustomed to offering clients what they want and need. All options become available through low-key choices, backed up by our thorough Invoice & Assessment Checklist … Read More