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PianoDisc Installation FAQ’s

What is the iQ Intelligent Player System?

The iQ Intelligent Player System can be operated from your choice of external devices, including popular music delivery devices like the *iPod and MP3 players.
PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ acts as a bridge between today’s latest music playback technology and PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDrive reproducing piano system.  With iQ, you can control the piano from any compatible music player, while the SilentDrive system delivers a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels.

Is it easy to Operate?

iQ makes operating a reproducing player system easier than ever before because you can operate it from your iPod or any other music player—even your laptop!  With iQ, you work with a familiar device—there’s no new controller, with a long list of instructions, needed to operate this system.  Simply play, pause, stop or even adjust the volume, as you normally would, and the piano will respond.

As a bonus, the fact that almost any music playback device will work with iQ means that you’ll always be able to use the latest music playback gear to control your piano. Think of it as built-in insurance on your investment.

How does it look?

iQ gives you the flexibility to enjoy a truly invisible system, with no visible electronics mounted on the piano.  (Not all configurations are “invisible”.  Your choice of music player will affect whether it is seen or needs to be mounted on the piano.)

Like home automation systems and portable music devices, iQ is a smart system that puts you ahead of the curve.

Does it play our favorite music?

With iQ, you’ll enjoy piano performances created by the world’s finest pianists. With one of the largest music libraries in the world, titles in every category from classical to rock, and literally thousands of songs to choose from, PianoDisc is sure to have all your favorites.  iQ can even play your piano via DVD players, so you can enjoy watching pianists play your piano live via a PianoVideo-HD.  These exciting DVDs deliver Standard or High Definition Blu-ray video, stereo sound, and live piano performances.  With PianoVideo-HD you’ll enjoy original performances made by terrific jazz, pop and New Age players, classical virtuosos, wonderful instrumental groups and fantastic vocalists. With brilliant images on the screen and live piano performances, iQ and PianoVideo-HD will give you a private concert in the comfort of your home.

Will it be appropriate for entertaining?

Whether you entertain in grand style, or prefer smaller gatherings, the world’s smartest reproducing system will be the center of attention, entertaining your guests for hours.  Dine to it, dance with it, or just enjoy the ambience it provides for any occasion.

Does iQ integrate with Sync-a-Vision?

The award-winning iQ system integrates perfectly with PianoDisc’s award-winning Sync-a-Vision system.  While iQ provides piano performances, Sync-a-Vision adds the exciting element of audio and video to the player experience.

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Top 25 reasons to upgrade your PianoDisc system

  1. A generous music software package is included with each system.
  2. MusiConnect PianoDisc’s music download technology supports Standard MIDI files, and even converts MIDI instrumentation into digital audio for CD or MP3 playback.
  3. AlwaysPlay This MusicConnect feature ensures that the most obscure MIDI files will play the piano.  If the MIDI file doesnt’ have a piano part, AlwaysPlay will assign one automatically.
  4. Educational Software Scott Houston has created made-for PianoDisc teaching lessons in PianoDisc format; David Higginson’s Professional Chord System 72-lesson series; Piano Wizard and others.
  5. PianoVideo-DVD-Blu-ray First to introduce video with MIDI Sync technology (1994), PianoDisc’s new PianoVideo performances are filmed in high-definition and are available in Blu-ray as well as standard DVDs.
  6. PianoDisc Largest Music Library of Artist Series RecordingsThese recordings have been made by Grammy winners, Billboard Top Ten Artists and the winners of major international piano competitions, including the world’s two most prestigious, the Tchaikovsky and the Cliburn.
  7. Full Play – 88-Notes When your piano includes a PianoDisc system, you won’t be left with keys that don’t play or “magic” pedals that fail to impress.  With PianoDisc, all 88 notes will play, and a solenoid is used to actuate the damper mechanism for true reproduction of your favorite performances.
  8. Multi-Media Player Systems The iQ DVD player supports playback from a number of popular media formats, including CD, DVD, USB flash, and even SD/MMC flash cards.
  9. Intelligent Design &Flexibility PianoDisc’s iQ player system is the most flexible product yet.  By working with existing music and video players, you won’t even know it’s there.  iQ makes it easy to operate your piano because you don’t have to learn any new technology.  Seamless integration and future-proof technology ensure your PianoDisc iQ will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.
  10. Open Architecture This means support for, and compatibility with, more devices and technologies.  As technology progresses, your piano can too.  PianoDisc systems are upgradeable and have no built-in obsolescence.
  11. Audio Previews discs in our Music Store have two or three song samples which illustrate the playing style of the artist or artists who made them.
  12. Safety Certified PianoDisc products comply with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements, and are certified by the United States of America’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).  With safety certification, PianoDisc products can be used in public venues as well as homes.
  13. Reliability PianoDisc has been in business for over 20 years.  You can be confident that by purchasing a PianoDisc system, you’ll be buying from an established company that will be there for you should you ever need assistance in the future.
  14. Technical Support Industry-leading technical support means that we’ll be here for you when you need help.  We’re available from 4:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time on weekdays, and between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturdays.
  15. Certified Technical Network PianoDisc systems are installed, maintained and serviced only by our worldwide certified and trained technician network.
  16. In-House-Video Production PianoDisc is committed to Video-DVD-Blu-ray production.  We have a full, in-house video production team and state-of-the-art video equipment.  Among our video titles is Michael Andrew in Concert, featuring the great young crooner who’s about to star in a new Broadway musical based on Jerry Lewis’ “Nutty Professor”.
  17. Leader in Innovation With a strong patent portfolio, PianoDisc places a high value on innovation. That’s why PianoDisc products feature many exclusive technologies that the competition simply cannot copy.  Among these technologies is SilentDrive, which allows more precise dynamic control of the piano’s keys and pedal. The result is greater fidelity, expression and unparalleled low-volume control.
  18. First Internet Connected Piano Opus7 was the first reproducing piano system to fully integrate with home networks.  It was also the first to offer true stereo accompaniment along with a piano performance in a single standards-compliant music file. While Opus7 has had these features for years, the competition still struggles to keep up.
  19. First Streaming Digital Internet Radio for Opus7 systems. PianoDisc’s Internet “radio” stations deliver music and programming directly to your piano in real-time.  While competing products just play the piano, Opus7 technology can include stereo instrumental and vocal accompaniment as well.  Our “Classical and More” channel provides 24-hour royalty-free music, an ideal solution for hotels and restaurants.
  20. 24/7 Free Streaming music for iQ systems. PianoDisc offers free streaming music to iQ systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for non-stop, disc-free performances on your piano.
  21. Award Winning Products Our products continue to win awards and recognition for innovation and design.  Recent awards include:
    2005 Design Journal ADEX Award for Design Excellence
    2007 Music, Inc. “Best In Show” in the “Trendsetters” category
    2008 Music, Inc. “Best In Show” in the “Gotta Stock It” category
  22. #1 Selling Player System PianoDisc is the Worldwide Market Share Leader endorsed and supported by Leading Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors Worldwide.
  23. Research & Development PianoDisc products are designed and tested in California.
  24. Worldwide Distribution & Support With the largest market share of player piano retrofit kits, more people choose PianoDisc than any other brand.
  25. PianoDisc brochures & manuals PianoDisc offers appealing and detailed product brochures and manuals that make PianoDisc products user-friendly.