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  • When we tune pianos, we are setting up the 12 notes in the scale in one particular way, out of a potentially infinite number that could exist. This is called setting the temperament. One main type, Equal Temperament, has been … Read More

  • Driving

    April 10, 2011 | Leave a Comment

    Ontario has hundreds and hundreds of these wonderful-looking towns and villages. But there are also hundreds of hamlets. As I drive out in the country to visit my Yamaha or Steinway or Kawai, a sign alerts me to the existence … Read More

  • After a piano owner installs a climate control system into their piano, the technician then has the opportunity to provide a much higher level of service. In most instances, the piano technician will get more serious about detailed work on … Read More

  • During the Second World War, Japan attacked parts of China, causing some people to leave in a hurry. One wealthy family loaded as many belongings as they could into a transport plane, which was leaving the country. Among the items … Read More

  • How long have you been doing this? Well, if you mean in any capacity, I could say since 1970. Working professionally part-time would be 1973. And working full-time: 1976. But, y’know I’ve always noticed that the “How long?” question is … Read More