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9 Ft. Steinway Dropped From Airplane

During the Second World War, Japan attacked parts of China, causing some people to leave in a hurry. One wealthy family loaded as many belongings as they could into a transport plane, which was leaving the country. Among the items … Read More

An Interview with David Patterson

How long have you been doing this? Well, if you mean in any capacity, I could say since 1970. Working professionally part-time would be 1973. And working full-time: 1976. But, y’know I’ve always noticed that the “How long?” question is … Read More

Old Time Selling

In the 1910s and 1920s, the larger piano companies in Canada, such as Heintzman, had an amazing way of marketing their products. Their sales reps would go door to door out in the country selling pianos, at least in this common … Read More

5 Ways To Improve Your Piano Playing

If you are a piano player and or looking for piano study tips to improve your piano playing read these tips here below. Are you playing the piano? It´s a great and rich instrument but before you can really start playing the great masters or that great jazz tune lots of practicing needs to be done… For this article I want to mention 5 ways to improve your piano playing. Read More

Is The Piano Dead?

Frank Baxter really puts everything in a nutshell! The piano is certainly not dead and never will be! Read More

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