David Patterson - Master Piano Technician

Maintenance Packages

A trusted measure of piano quality is to ask: how many days out of every 365 is your piano sounding fantastic and closely in-tune? A piano maintenance plan services your piano in an orderly manner by following the manufacturer’s recommendations. The benefit of a piano servicing program is that the focus becomes maintenance and upkeep rather than more costly deterioration and repair. A piano should not go so far out of tune that everyone is noticing it.

After rebuilding your piano, new wires will relax and all the notes will become too low. This is a similar situation to brand new pianos. Thus, the restored piano receives very careful attention during its first year or two. A service agreement is the most simple way to achieve this built-in regularity for any piano’s service needs. You, as the piano owner, know what to expect with ongoing service. Small details to bring out the full potential of an instrument are dealt with more thoroughly and regularly in a setting where the piano technician knows the service will be maintained.

Piano players are meant to be thinking more about their music and the sound of the piano, as opposed to directly noticing the servicing and tuning aspects. My goal is achieved when this constant year-round quality becomes the habit. You and your piano are both at your full potential.